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Weight Loss Mindset
5 Key Signs You Could Be Emotionally Eating

5 Key Signs You Could Be Emotionally Eating

If you're an emotional eater, you must take measures to deal with it right away.

If you don't handle, you're very unlikely to lose weight and keep it off. 

Learn to eat for the body's needs, not for any other reasons.

Emotional eating is when you eat for any reasons other than actual hunger. Think about how you respond when under any kind of emotional stress. Do you crave certain kinds of food at these times? 

Let's take a look at five points that could indicate  emotional eating issues.

1 - Your Self Control Is Lousy

When you don't have self-control you'll do things you don’t want to do. You do them anyway because it just seems easier than not doing them. 

2 - You feel you don't have any way to deal with your problems.

We sometimes use food to replace exercise, meditation, therapy etc. because it can give us pleasure! 

3 - Are you eat or craving when you're happy, Sad, Bored, Stressed, Anxious etc.

If you spend your day desiring picking up that Coke or eating those tasty chips, then you're emotionally eating. 

4 - Don’t You Realize When You Are Overeating?

This is the most obvious and the most frustrating reason. The emotional habit is consuming you at this point. There is just no realization and therefore no action taken to counter this issue. There's a serious disconnection between your mind and your actions.

5 - Are you affected by your environment or culture?

Where you grew up and how the people around you eat, could be an indicator of your emotional eating habits. In many cultures it is customary to always eat when offered food. This could lead to eating when you're not hungry. Friends and family may be over eaters and you’ve developed the habit from your environment as a way to not feel left out.

A study was done and it confirmed that people will naturally, subconsciously match the equivalent quantities of food as the people they're eating with. 

Be sure to pay attention next time you’re in this situation.

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Weight Loss Mindset
Weight Loss Mindset
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