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Weight Loss Mindset
5 Steps To Help Emotional Eaters Cope

5 Steps To Help Emotional Eaters Cope

Emotional eating can be so destructive to your weight loss goals.

When we're in that frenzied moment we feel so helpless, right?

The only way to beat it is to create a resilient mindset so we don't get stuck in guilt.

Emotional eating is one of the biggest factors leading to weight gain. Eating out of stress or boredom instead of hunger has become very common in today's culture. If we’re bored, tired, mad, sad, or elated we celebrate with food. We tend to overeat.

Most often, these celebrations cause us to eat even when we're not hungry. If you find yourself eating for comfort instead of hunger here are 5 steps you can take to avoid emotional eating.

1 - Decide that it’s OK to be uncomfortable

One of the reasons that people eat when they’re emotional is because they're uncomfortable. Uncomfortable emotions like anxiety, fear, anger, and boredom often lead people to eat when they are not actually hungry. 

2 - Try the broccoli test before caving to cravings

One of the hardest things for people who emotionally eat is to learn whether or not they're eating because they're hungry or because they're emotional. The cues to the body are almost identical in people who have spent long periods of time eating to cope with negative emotions. 

3 - Get busy doing things and learn to enjoy every moment

One of the strongest eating responses comes when boredom strikes. People find themselves reaching for food for any number of mind-numbing reasons. 

4 - Keep track of your eating patterns with a food journal

When emotional eating is a problem, maintaining a food journal isn’t just about logging the foods you eat. It’s about keeping a record of how you felt and what was going on at the time you were eating. 

5 - Build resilience so you don't get stuck in noise. Learn to let go

The final step in coping with emotional eating is to build resilience. If you build emotional toughness, it will help you not only with emotional eating but also with all other areas of your life. 

Some things you can do are stop dramatizing, get perspective, and recharge. All of these can be great tools when it comes to building up your ability to bounce back from setbacks.

What works best for you? 

Do you have a special way to handle your emotions that we missed?

Come to the site and leave us a message.

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Weight Loss Mindset
Weight Loss Mindset
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