Weight Loss Mindset
Weight Loss Mindset
How To Improve Your Nutrition With 4 Simple Strategies

How To Improve Your Nutrition With 4 Simple Strategies

When most people decide to diet they really overdo it.

They get confused and overwhelmed and usually give up before long.

If you want to be successful losing weight, you need good simple strategies that will help guide you and keep you on track.

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When you're trying your best to lose weight, nutrition is most often the difficult part. And, it’s the most vitally important part. It seems when we decide to lose some weight we kind of go blank on the best food choices. 

Let's take a look at these 4 easy and simple tips you can use to build some solid momentum on your health journey. 

1 - Stop buying junk food and keeping it at home

If it's not in the house, you won’t eat it. You won’t be as tempted to eat it at least. Maybe you just love some ice cream. But is it really worth getting dressed and going to the store to go get some? Most of the time, probably not. At least it gives you that slight edge so you can put in some self-control.

2 - Learn to eat slower by using a timer

When you eat fast it’s very easy to eat too much. It can take around 20 minutes for your body to register it’s had enough to eat. When you slow down it's easier to recognize your body’s hunger cues.

3 - You don't have to eat everything on your plate.

Most restaurant portions in the U.S. and other western countries are HUGE. So turning one meal into two meals means you don’t feel bloated and uncomfortable after lunch with friends. 

4 - Before every meal, drink a glass of water

A lot of the time when you think you’re hungry, you could just be thirsty. It has a similar feeling. Your body's telling you it needs something but it isn't always clear what it is exactly. When you drink a glass of water before you eat, it stops you mistaking hunger for thirst. Then you’re less likely to overeat.

Just pick one of these strategies at a time to try out. Really commit to sticking to it every day for a week or two. 

When it starts forming a habit, add in one of the other strategies. After you’ve gone through all of them, you’ll have rock solid portion control and mindfulness around food. 

You’ll have the confidence to keep yourself on the right track so you get the weight loss results you desire.

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Weight Loss Mindset
Weight Loss Mindset
Weight loss is 99% psychology. Without changing your mindset in the right way, your results won't be sustainable and you could even put on more weight. If you're like me, you've tried many programs to help lose weight and failed miserably. It doesn't mean the program is bad, it just means you must get your mind right first before they'll be effective. Subscribe to the Weight Loss Mindset podcast and discover new ways to lose weight and keep it off!