Weight Loss Mindset
Weight Loss Mindset
Is The Keto Diet Suitable For Weight Loss?

Is The Keto Diet Suitable For Weight Loss?

By now almost everyone has heard about or maybe even tried the ketogenic diet for one reason or another.

This low-carb way of eating is getting lots of praise for helping people successfully lose weight. Originally thought of as a way of eating for children with epilepsy it's grown in the last decade or so into quite a phenomenon.

How to Obtain the State of Ketosis

The metabolic state of ketosis is achieved by maintaining a daily carbohydrate intake under 25g. It's actually very simple. It only takes 24-48 hours of low-carb eating to shift the body naturally into ketosis.

The body gives signals when it's first in ketosis.

Foods to Avoid on The Keto Diet

• Sugar
• Starchy foods
• Grains
• Trans Fats
• Fruit
• Low-fat products

Foods That Can Be Eaten on the Keto Diet

• Protein. The best of the best is organic, pasture raised and grass-fed.
• Veggies. Lean on leafy greens and veggies grown above ground. Underground veggies are typically high in carbs. Fresh or frozen, it doesn't matter.
• Dairy. Full-fat dairy items.
• Fats & Oils. Always opt for a natural fat source. When necessary for cooking choose coconut, butter or olive oil.
• Nuts and Seeds. Fatty nuts like macadamias and almonds are great in moderation.
• Beverages. Water. If flavoring is needed use real fruit juices or flavorings using Stevia as the sweetener.

The Macronutrient Ratio

Calculating the individual macronutrient ratio is based on your current weight, health history and weight loss goals. Macronutrients are carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Since the carb count is less than 25 grams daily, it should be no more than 5% of daily macronutrient intake.

The Reality of Keto

Yes, cutting back drastically on carbs for a hard-cord bread and pasta eater is going to be a challenge. The good news is for most people, the carb cravings fade away within the first couple of weeks.

This isn't for yo-yo dieters or those just wanting to lose a couple pounds by next week. The keto diet is a lifestyle change. And is definitely a change for the better!

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Weight Loss Mindset
Weight Loss Mindset
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