Weight Loss Mindset
Weight Loss Mindset
Obesity Is Not The Only Result From Binge Eating—Get Help Fast!

Obesity Is Not The Only Result From Binge Eating—Get Help Fast!

Binge eating can turn into a severe condition if not handled quickly.

If you suspect you fall into this category, then talk to a qualified medical professional to make sure. 

What’s Binge Eating Exactly?

Binge eating is rapidly consuming large amounts of food in one sitting beyond the point of being full, to the point of discomfort. 

While we don’t know the exact causes, WebMD suggests that it isn’t driven by hunger, but by psychological issues. Issues like rejection, inadequacy, or fear of failure. 

Binge Eating Can Be Harmful

After binging, there are physical and emotional consequences. Sometimes, these can be dramatic. The individual will be dealing with feelings of anxiety and depression, as well as self-hatred and shame. 

It’s a vicious cycle because these same feelings can be the triggers of a binge. Continuing binge eating behavior increases feelings of sadness, anger, loneliness, and depression. 

How To Get Help For Binge Eating

Try meditation. Find a good teacher and practice every day. I know a great teacher that I learned an effective meditation from. I will be talking about this in detail soon, so watch for it in a future episode.

If you are dealing with binge eating, another way to gain control over it is by seeking help. Seeing a counselor, or a therapist can help you understand the why behind your eating behaviors. They’ll also give you coping mechanisms to prevent the action.

Binge Eating Disorder is a severe problem, and it’s also life-threatening. It’s crucial to seek proper professional care from a qualified therapist or medical doctor if you need it.

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Weight Loss Mindset
Weight Loss Mindset
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