Weight Loss Mindset
Weight Loss Mindset
Promises Of Weight Loss Diets — Don't Overthink It!

Promises Of Weight Loss Diets — Don't Overthink It!

There seems to be a lot of different diets out there right now. All proclaiming to be "the one" that'll change your life. Some are based on science, while others are more or less based on hunches or superstition. 

What Are Low-Carb and No-Carb Diets?

These types of diets seek to dramatically limit your carbs. Including the carbs from grains, beans, and fruit. Many of these diets more or less limit dieters to proteins, fat and limited amounts of certain vegetables.

These are diets like Keto, Paleo, and variations of these.

So how come these diets are so popular? 

Because they work. You can lose weight fast on one of these diets. That’s mainly because avoiding carbs means avoiding unhealthy carbs like junk food and sweets.

What about Low-Fat or No-Fat Diets

Fat is also not the enemy. If you research the whole non-fat fiasco, you might stumble across information that it was the sugar industry who created the whole "fat is bad for you" lie. Why? Because they wanted to promote sugar as "NOT so bad for you." Misdirection! 

Is the Mediterranean Diet Good For You?

A popular diet based on science that has the approval of many health experts is the Mediterranean diet.

Basically, it's the diet of people in the Mediterranean region, specifically Italy and Greece. This diet stresses consuming plants and plant oils, especially olive oil, as well as limited amounts of whole grains.

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Weight Loss Mindset
Weight Loss Mindset
Weight loss is 99% psychology. Without changing your mindset in the right way, your results won't be sustainable and you could even put on more weight. If you're like me, you've tried many programs to help lose weight and failed miserably. It doesn't mean the program is bad, it just means you must get your mind right first before they'll be effective. Subscribe to the Weight Loss Mindset podcast and discover new ways to lose weight and keep it off!