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Stress Eating: How To Deal With It Effectively

Stress Eating: How To Deal With It Effectively

Hello, I’m Rick Taylar, and this is Weight Loss Mindset

After a hard day at work, it's easy to let the stress lead you right into your kitchen. But, there are healthier ways of dealing with that stressful situation? Want to find out how?

What are the effects of stress eating?

If stress eating is done on a regular basis, it can lead to weight gain and other health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes. As I’ve learned from personal experience, this not only causes you more emotional pain but impacts your physical state as well! 

Learn more ways of how you can deal with stress eating and stress.

1 - Stop stress eating with the correct food choices

The first tip to stop stressful eating is simply to eat healthy food. In times of stress, we tend to seek comfort in junk foods such as chips, chocolate, and candy because they are sweet or salty. But, this can make us end up overeating. 

2 - Exercise can help relieve stress so you don't overeat

Don't let yourself succumb to negative thoughts. When people are stressed they find themselves feeling depressed and overwhelmed which in turn makes them more anxious than before. Exercising helps with managing stress levels so take a jog through the park, go walk around town and just enjoy being outside if at all possible. Research has shown natural light can have a positive effect on our moods too.

3 - Meditation can help relieve stress eating

Meditation is a powerful tool for reducing stress levels and helping you to relax. It doesn't matter how long you spend meditating, just that it gets done every day! 

4 - Learn how to prevent boredom so you don't reach for food and overeat

One way to avoid stress-induced snacks is by implementing things in your everyday life that take up time. You can go get some art supplies at the local art store and paint, draw or try out pottery. You could knit clothing for yourself or someone else.

5 - Find helpful support from family or friends to overcome stress eating

Sometimes when we're dealing with tough times, it can be difficult to go on. That's why in order to get through those rough patches and overcome stress eating, calling a friend or family member is an excellent option. Plus, if you join a support group or sign up for therapy while you are at it, this will help even more, as I said before.


I'm sure you've experienced this personally before. The feeling of stress and anxiety that builds up to an overwhelming amount is like nothing else in the world. That's why it can be so tough for some people to break their habit of overeating when they are stressed. 

These tips can help you stay on top of your stress and eating habits.

Put all these tips into action as soon as possible, ideally starting today. This way when one day turns bad for whatever reason, you'll have a plan already in place to get back up again instead of succumbing to an unhealthy meal or snack choice that will only compound the problem further down the road.

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Weight Loss Mindset
Weight Loss Mindset
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