Weight Loss Mindset
Weight Loss Mindset
The Big Dieting Mistakes You Might Be Making and Why They Don't Work

The Big Dieting Mistakes You Might Be Making and Why They Don't Work

Hello I'm Rick Taylar! Welcome to the Weight Loss Mindset podcast

The dieting industry is huge, worth billions of dollars, and lots of folks try out different fad diets to lose weight. 

But here's the thing: research shows that dieting doesn't work for long-term weight loss. 

In fact, many people who go on diets end up gaining back the weight they lost, and sometimes even more. 

In this podcast, we'll take a closer look at the mistakes people make when dieting and why these mistakes don't work. 

Even though some diets are trendy, they often only lead to short-term weight loss and can be bad for your health in the long run.

  • First Common Mistake: Extreme Calorie Restriction

  • Second Common Mistake: Eliminating Entire Food Groups

  • Third Common Mistake: Relying on Supplements and Quick Fixes

  • Fourth Common Mistake: Over-Exercising 

  • Fifth Common Mistake: Not Getting Enough Quality Sleep

  • Sixth Common Mistake: Ignoring Mental Health 

Here are some final words

Trying to lose weight by dieting alone is not sustainable. 

It's easy to make mistakes like cutting calories too much, ditching entire food groups, and relying on supplements or quick fixes. 

These mistakes can actually hinder your weight loss goals. Instead, focus on adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet, regular exercise, and stress management. 

Be patient and persistent, and you'll achieve your weight loss goals while maintaining a healthy weight for life.

If you're struggling with your weight, don't give up hope! 

Reach out to a registered dietitian or certified health coach who can help you create a personalized plan that works for you.

Remember, even small changes can lead to big results. 

So start by making one healthy choice at a time!

Weight Loss Mindset
Weight Loss Mindset
Weight loss is 99% psychology. Without changing your mindset in the right way, your results won't be sustainable and you could even put on more weight. If you're like me, you've tried many programs to help lose weight and failed miserably. It doesn't mean the program is bad, it just means you must get your mind right first before they'll be effective. Subscribe to the Weight Loss Mindset podcast and discover new ways to lose weight and keep it off!